Who We Are

mama_betsey_johnson_webDustine, mother

I love to create designs that are fun and whimsical. I’m a self taught designer and artist. For several years I taught family workshops, classes, and summer camp at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

gelsey_with_squashGelsey, daughter

I am working on designing patterns for knitwear. I am responsible for the design of the website, some photography, video editing, and online marketing.

ramon_with_snake_smallRamon, son

I’m a budding artist who is still defining myself. I am responsible for photography and videos, and online marketing.

What is our vision as artists?

We love to create beautiful things and we want to help other people have a creative experience.

How do we hope to achieve our goal of helping others create?

We hope to create beautiful designs that appeal to people of all skill levels but make it possible for even novices to get a successful result by simplifying the methods and techniques used in the creative process. We also provide choices in the design of each project. We realize that everyone is not on the same skill level or has the same amount of time to devote to creating.

Why have we made videos instead of written instructions?

There are two reasons why we made videos- first because we thought that the instructions would be easier to follow if you could see the material and the process demonstrated. Second, if we can attract enough views, we can make money through advertising which means that we can offer many projects free or for a small fee.

What kinds of materials do you need to create our designs?

We are fiber artists so most of our projects are made from felt and other fabrics and from many types of paper. We use paints, dyes, and pigments and various embellishments like threads, beads, buttons, and charms. We offer different choices of materials to use in each project. The materials we use are not terribly expensive but we include materials that you can get for free or at the dollar store if you can get a good result using them.
Growing this business is a new experience for us. We are learning as we go and every day we work to improve. Try some of the projects and grow your skills as we grow our business. In the future, we plan to offer kits and online classes.

We hope to find time to work on our own creative projects, some of which we will be selling on Etsy. So visit our website and do some of our projects. We’d love to hear from you because your comments can help us get better.

Who Are the Cats?

We started out with two lucky cats – Gráinne and Liam but have since added a third – Mischa. Lost cats seem to find our home!

a grey cat with green eyes looking straight ahead
Gráinne is our first cat. She is queen. We have had her since she was six weeks old.


a grey and white cat sitting on a clock
Liam is our second cat. He turned up on our door stop one trash day. Here he is surveying his domain.


a cat wearing a pixie hat - she certainly doesn't look very happyMischa is our newest cat. She is wearing her pixie hat. By the look on her face she is probably thinking, “Don’t you people have anything better to do than to torment me?”