Appreciating A Different Point of View

Another of my acquisitions.

I love handmade things. I definitely don’t want to live in a world where everything is mass produced and every decision is made by committee.

Paulina sells her art on Etsy

I was looking at dolls made by Paulina Feicht, a Polish artist, and I started to wonder why her creations appeal to me so much.


I found an art doll Pinterest board the other day that had rows and rows of beautiful and well executed dolls. Although I admire beauty and well executed work, I didn’t find these dolls nearly as appealing as the ones that Paulina makes because they all had different makers but a similar look.


I guess one element that appeals to me is someone who expresses themselves from an original point of view. That is only a part of it, though. I’m still thinking.


I remember years ago, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and I saw one of Monet’s paintings of water lilies. I was rooted to the spot in front of it. I was finally able to move away, but I had to go back two or three times.

I am a visual person so there are some things that I can’t express in words – that’s why I use forms, color, and textures. I’m not sure this kind of attraction can be fully expressed in words. I’ll continue to think about it.