Beautiful Polymer Clay and Beaded Jewelry

I found another talented artist on Flickr, Bridget Derc. She makes beautiful jewelry from polymer clay and beading. I don’t know much about Bridget because she hasn’t revealed much about herself in her profile. An Internet search didn’t reveal anything more.

All I know for sure is that I love her work. Below is my favorite piece- a polymer clay pendant on a beaded rope. I love the colors and the texture in this piece.

Here is an example of the beautiful polymer clay bangles that she makes. She rolls Sculpey Ultralight into sausages, cuts them in half, and bakes them around a beer can to make blanks. After sanding them, she covers them with cane veneers.

Another example of one of her creations. I love the colors and design of this necklace.

You can find more examples of her jewelry on her Flickr photo stream at: Bridget Derc’s Photostream.