Having Fun with Paper Decorating


I had a lot of fun the last few weeks decorating paper with the faux marbling and the resist decorating techniques. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have the most expensive art supplies to make beautiful things – watercolors, crayons, and food coloring will do.

The resist techniques will appeal to all of you who still love to color. Painting over the colored design with watercolor will give it an entirely different look.


Who wouldn’t love to blow colored soap bubbles and create art? The designs that the bubbles leave on paper are quite appealing. To get a good result you have to use enough dish washing detergent – one part detergent to four parts water. If the bubbles aren’t big enough, add more soap. I used food coloring but you can also use Crayola’s washable kid’s paint, marbling ink, tempera.


With both of these techniques, I kept coming up with new ideas to try. It was hard to stop, like eating potato chips. I plan to turn these decorated papers into some pamphlet and accordion books. I decorated watercolor paper because it is thick enough to be the cover for a small book and you don’t have to cover a book board with paper. I’m going to use the cotton crochet thread that I hand dyed to bind the pamphlet books. The next step is decorating the pages with several of the paper decorating techniques.


If you would like to try these techniques yourself, you can get the information sheets here on our website – twoluckycats.com and watch the instructional videos.