More Examples of Embellishing Fabric: Stitching and Beads


This is a shoulder bag that I’ve made from fabric I dyed using the low immersion technique. I made a few using different colors. Not only was I playing with colors and textures that were created by the dying process, but I wanted to add additional decoration to the surface of the bags.


I did this by using thread, beads, and polymer clay ornaments that I created and attached using different methods.


Some I attached with thread and some by using a bead.


I used a simple stitch pattern – lines running in different directions with some more elaborate geometric stitching patterns or flower shapes.


Over the next several weeks I plan to use several techniques to hand dye more fabric, building on what I’ve learned. I have many designs in mind for additional projects using the decorated and dyed fabric, including art quilts.


I hope you’ll come back and follow my progress.

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