Spring Planting


Since my daughter Gelsey has taken over our backyard to grow vegetables (she’s going to be an urban gardener), the only place that I can plant flowers is in containers in the front of my house. I haven’t planted them yet because I need to get a ride to Home Depot to buy dirt.

I’m showing you the before picture so you can appreciate the transformation in the after photo. I have to put a new coat of purple paint on the containers (I love purple), take out some old soil that was worn out by last year’s plants, and replace it with the new dirt.


The rose tree that Gelsey gave me a few years ago already has some blooms. I have a few plants that I dug up and brought inside last year, a Mandevilla vine and an ivy plant, that I will re pot outside when I get the potting soil.


Gelsey and Ramon are getting me new plants for Mother’s Day, so Gelsey and I walked to a garden center near our home called Urban Jungle.


I fell in love with a Gold Flame honeysuckle vine. Not only is it beautiful, but it will smell great as it matures, and it will attract butterflies.


I don’t usually like petunias because I’m looking for something a little more exotic, but the unique color of these attracted me right away.

I saw these salmon colored blossoms that I think will go great with the petunias, and the colors of the coleus complement both the salmon and the purple. I might need a few more plants, but these will do for a start. Stay tuned for the after pictures.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!