A New Beginning

Today is the day that my daughter, Gelsey, and I formally announce our intentions to the world that we are going to make a living through our creative efforts. We are both self taught artists who mainly work with fibers – cloth, paper, and yarn.

Here are some of the items we brought to the Trenton Avenue Arts Festival in May.

We’ve named our design business Two Lucky Cats. We intend to document our journey through this blog. We are both business novices. We intend to share our experiences and creative efforts with you.


We will also share some of the techniques and materials we use to create through this blog and Youtube videos that we will put up soon. We hope that you enjoy our work and we encourage everyone to jump in and create their own masterpieces. We would like to meet and share our experiences with other people who are trying to lead a life that is more self determined and creative.


Now is a good time to start on this journey because the last few years have shown that business as usual is only working for a few, so the rest of us have to find a new path if we want to live satisfying and productive lives. Check in on us and our progress in the coming weeks.







One response to “A New Beginning”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    I wish you both all the luck in the world! I commend you on your vision and bravery… as well as your commitment to not only your art but to your determination to live purposefully in control of your destiny! Sending much love and positive vibes for a successful and happy journey!