Why Do We Women Love Shoes?

Paper Shoe Flamenco

I’ve always loved shoes. Unfortunately, I’ve always had a difficult time finding shoes to fit my very wide feet. Now I have a bunion on one foot, which makes my foot even wider. All hopes of getting my feet into any of the shoes that I really want have gone out the window.

Paper Shoe

To vicariously satisfy my love of beautiful, expensive shoes, that I probably couldn’t afford anyway, I decided to start a Pinterest board called Saucy Shoes. Some of the shoes weren’t meant to be worn, like these paper shoes, which suits me just fine since I couldn’t wear any of them anyway.

Paper Shoe Velence

But the shoes do reflect my style – sometimes quirky, colorful, and expensive.






3 responses to “Why Do We Women Love Shoes?”

  1. Teje Avatar

    Hi! There is something magical with shoes! Great idea to add the sweetest and best to the pinterest board. I try to find one link to show you somehing special.
    x Teje

    1. dustine Avatar

      Thanks for the link Teje. I’ll definitely be putting some of the shoes up on my Pinterest board. I’ll be scouring the web and other sources for the most fantastic shoes out there. I especially like the paper shoes. Even though they weren’t made to be worn, I think they would be great made with real shoe material. I have more of those to post. Thanks again, Dustine