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  • An Obsession I Share with Betsey Johnson

    A few years back, I was going through the tv channels to find something to watch while I worked on a project, when I came across a program about the fashion designer Betsey Johnson. I’ve always been attracted to her quirky sense of style – I even have a few of her dresses. One, which […]

  • Experimenting with Papier Mâché and Decoupage

    This is the first paper mâché box that I made. It is constructed with newspaper and cardboard. I used Elmer’s glue to put the box together and painted over several layers of newspaper with latex paint to cover the text and pictures on the newspaper. I had never tried decoupage, so I painted the fruit […]

  • Spring Planting

    Since my daughter Gelsey has taken over our backyard to grow vegetables (she’s going to be an urban gardener), the only place that I can plant flowers is in containers in the front of my house. I haven’t planted them yet because I need to get a ride to Home Depot to buy dirt. I’m […]

  • Having Fun with Paper Decorating

    I had a lot of fun the last few weeks decorating paper with the faux marbling and the resist decorating techniques. It just goes to show that you don’t have to have the most expensive art supplies to make beautiful things – watercolors, crayons, and food coloring will do. The resist techniques will appeal to […]

  • A Look At My Design Proccess

    The last few days I’ve been working on the next project, using another paper decorating technique. The first thing that I do is look at many different ideas to come up with designs. I do a lot of doodling and sketching to solidify my ideas. Since the techniques will be used to decorate cards and […]

  • Spring Fever

    I really have a bad case of spring fever. Although this winter hasn’t been that bad here in Philadelphia, only one dusting of snow so far, I’m still longing for spring. What happened to that early spring that the groundhog promised us? I’ll never believe his predictions again! I’m starting to think about how I’m […]

  • Magic Murals

    The other day I discovered that Isaiah Zagar had created a mosaic on the store front of a print framing shop around the corner from my house. For those of you who don’t know Isaiah Zagar, he is a Philadelphia artist who creates mosaic murals on walls and storefronts. Most of his murals are in […]

  • The Button Cuffs Are Finished!

    Well, we finally completed making polymer clay buttons and used them to make button cuffs. We try to give you a few designs for each project to inspire your creative ideas. I made three different cuffs. We’ll be doing video instructions on making your own polymer clay buttons as well as instructions for making the […]

  • A Sneak Peek

    Gelsey and I have been busy creating the first projects to share with you. So far we’ve created heart ornaments, felt flowers, and a pincushion cuff. We’re almost done with a blingy new headband and a button cuff bracelet. We’ll be putting the patterns that include a list of materials and tools that you will […]

  • Some New Projects

    Gelsey and I have been busy working on projects for our first videos. We’ve come up with 5 projects to start with that we think you’ll enjoy. We want to simplify some of the items that we create but retain the style and design so your creation will be something that you will love. We’re […]

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